Established in 1994, PT MONYSAGA PRIMA has always strived to enhance lives through
creating quality healthy products in convenient packs. As a licensee of the Sunkist trademark
from California, our juice products continue to provide millions of families with the nutrition
and refreshing drinks they enjoy. We are also committed to provide healthy natural products to
customer through other brands: Ice Mony, Jelijus, Esco and Joy Soy.
Constant innovation and commitment to quality to continuously better cater to consumer’s
needs in every aspect of their lives has always been the very heart of PT Monysaga Prima. This
consistent drive managed to propel PT Monysaga Prima to be one of the prominent
beverage manufacturer in Indonesia.
With the right people and technology on hand, we can meet challenges with faster product
development and better response to customer trend to deliver safe product to customer. These
features have become the distinguished trademark of our products that can be easily
recognized by our customers

Membuat Hidup Lebih Mudah Melalui Makanan dan Minuman Yang Sehat dan Menyenangkan

Menjadi Produsen Makanan dan Minuman yang Smart/Cerdas, Inovatif terbaik di Asia Pacific dan menjadi perusahaan yang menerima toll manufacturing dengan mengutamakan keamanan pangan yang sesuai dengan peraturan perundangan pangan yang berlaku.